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Mekong Delta Tours & River Cruises

About Pandaw Ship


With six luxury ships exploring five countries , Pandaw is the largest luxury river cruise company in Asia.

Whilst we offer a real adventure experience, travelers are cushioned with incredible  comfort, fine dining, great cocktails and choice wines, not to mention extraordinary levels of service.

Our six ships were built new and designed and finished as replicas of colonial river steamers. These small ships have the highest passenger to space ratio of any ships afloat - our much loved staterooms are 170 square feet and finished in teak and brass.

Each ship, hand finished in brass and teak by traditional craftsmen are in themselves objects of great beauty. The secret of our success is that on our ships, whilst luxury and comfort are discreetly present, it is the colonial character and friendly atmosphere that predominate. All our Pandaws have ultra shallow drafts and can travel to remote areas unreachable by other vessels, let alone overland.

Cruise Ship Cabin

Pandaw Stateroom
The Pandaw stateroom is the most celebrated feature of our ships. Finished in brass and teak, the main and upper deck rooms are very spacious at 168 square feet (15.6 sqm). Much loved by all our passengers we have ensured that with each ship we build the stateroom remains the same. Our cabins do not have mini-bars, satellite TVís, internet or phones. There is a 24 honesty bar on the sundeck.  Pandaw passengers usually want to escape from the tiresome features found in international business hotels.

Many passengers describe life on board a Pandaw more like being a guest on a private motor yacht than a cruise ship. Where we go and what we see is intrepid in extreme. What you come back to is a floating base of discreet comfort, caring service and all the good things one looks for in life.

Cruise Ship Dining

Bar and Dining
The Pandaw dining rooms are designed to open up along the sides and only at night do we close them up and use air conditioning.  We know our passengers want fresh air not chilled air.

We offer a great choice of local cuisine and exotic foods.  We source supplies as locally as possible, given environmental health regulations. Breakfast and lunch are buffets and dinner is served at the tables. Passengers who do not like hot or spicy foods are offered European alternatives and vegetarians are well catered for. Our chefs know that the majority of passengers want to eat the best of each country they pass through.

Cruise Ship Promenade

Promenade Decks
Sailing on a Pandaw is essentially an outdoor experience. Whilst the staterooms are very comfortable and roomy, passengers prefer to spend their time sitting outside, on the promenade decks or on the vast observation deck above. Unlike other cruise ships every window (except port holes on lower deck) can open.

When sailing our passengers sit on deck and become absorbed by great panoramas as they unfold about them. Spellbound, one cannot help but to meditate upon the unceasing human and wildlife activity of these teaming water worlds.

RV Mekong Pandaw


Length : 200ft / 60m
Beam : 36ft / 11m
Draught : 4ft / 1.5m
Berths : 64 pax
Decks : 4: Lower, Main, Upper, Sun
Engines : 2 x 550bhp Isuzu
Propulsion : Inboard system
Built : 2003
Comms : Cell phones, Sat phones (where permitted by local authorities) VHF and SSB radio, internal phone system, PA system and tannoy system for navigation purposes.
Safety : Smoke detectors in all cabins and public places, emergency lighting and generator, fire pump, hydrants and hoses, fire extinguishers, life jackets for all on board and life rafts.
Navigation : Navigation lights, ships horn, searchlight, GPS, Radar (where permitted by local authorities).
Amenities : On board laundry, bakery, fully equipped galley and refrigeration units; air conditioning for all inside areas.
Water : Treatment plants for desalination, desedimentation and purification using UV and osmosis.
Sewage : Microbiotic treatment plants.
Class : Myanmar DMA Inland Water (based on Lloyds Inland Water Class).
Flag : Country flags in areas of operation.
Insurance : Ship Owners UK: P&I policies with over USD45 million per vessel.
Crew : 28 per vessel of mixed Asian nationalities.
Management : European expatriate experts employed directly by Pandaw Cruises supervising experienced Asian Pursers.


Saigon to Angkor on the Pandaw Cruise 8 days/ 7 nights
Saigon to Phnom Penh on Luxury RV Indochina Pandaw Cruise 4 days/ 3 nights  

Pictures of the trip



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